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About Us WorkingSA, a Corporation based in Pretoria, South Africa, which evolved from a mind-set that South Africa's people have enormous Potential and Skills that are capable of adding significant Value to Local and International Employers who, in turn, prosper through such Employer/Employee Relationships.   Our name emanated from the belief that we can be instrumental in supporting a “Working South Africa”, both from a productivity viewpoint as well as the fact that we are able to supply Skilled Services to Local and International Markets.   We actively build relationships in the Corporate Environments and key International Recruitment Agencies in Africa specifically, mainly due to commonalities in the Mining and ICT Sectors.  WorkingSA is one of South Africa’s leading emerging Communications, Products and Services Companies. We are able to provide Turnkey Solutions to Corporations by facilitating the process of detailed Needs Requirements recommending the Best Technologies based on Industrial Best Practises providing Project Managed Implementation from Inception to final Operational Roll-out, Maintaining and Monitoring.  BACKGROUND Since the Inception of WorkingSA in 2007, we accumulated more than 350 years professional experience in Project Management, Networks and ICT related services such as IT Strategy, IT Architecture, Support Services, Governance Controls, etc.   WorkingSA is a complete ICT Systems Integrator, providing Solutions and Services across the full Information and Communications Technology value chain. The Company's Value Driven strategy and proven Execution Capability reinforce its position as one of the leading ICT players in the Local Market.  Management’s exposure ranges from Senior Management positions in JSE listed companies to many years of delivering ICT Services in the private sector. Therefor our culture of continuous improvement is the force that makes our company agile, and ensures our continued performance. Our culture enforces a shared commitment to consistently look toward the future and to embrace change. It’s a priority in our Company to investigate and find new ways to do things Faster, Better and more Cost-Effectively, and push the boundaries of our potential.  Professional Qualifications in the Company range from Masters Degrees to Global Certifications in the fields of Accounting, Auditing, Project Management, Information and Communications Technology, Networks and Mining.


It is our vision to be “Your Technology Partner” through Information and Communications Technology related Services, Systems, Products, Networks and Infrastructure.   WorkingSA regards Information and Communications Technology as Central to our Business and Service Offering.  Our culture of Continuous Improvement is the force that makes our Company Agile, in turn assisting our Clients to pursue Business through Innovation and Advanced Technologies. MISSION WorkingSA strives to be the leading provider of ICT Products, Solutions and Services that deliver Long Term Commercial benefits based on our Clients key Business Requirements. By evolving with our Clients, WorkingSA aim at making Technology an asset through a Seamless Integration to Facilitate the Rapid Growth of your Business. VALUES WorkingSA embrace the following key values: Integrity - We are of the opinion that our “Word is our Bond”. We act with Honesty and NO compromise for the truth. Passion – We deliver Products, Solutions and Services with Pride, Enthusiasm, and Dedication. Respect - We treat our Employees, Customers, Partners and Suppliers with Mutual Respect and Sensitivity while recognizing the importance of diversity. Teamwork – We Promote and Support a Diverse, yet Unified Team, and thus enabling cohesion to achieve our Goals. Social responsibility - Conducting our Business with the Highest Standards and Ethics.
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