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WorkingSA provides state-of-the-art automation solutions for the mining, automotive, medical, computer and electronics, telecommunications, consumer goods, and other industries across Africa. Our experience and expertise in designing, developing and building high-quality, cost-effective automation solutions can provide your business with a competitive advantage. Automation helps you compete better by allowing you to increase productivity, flexibility and quality. By automating repetitive manual tasks, your workers can perform more specialized tasks, providing you with better productivity and, in some cases, opportunities to expand your product offering. Automation also helps reduce or eliminate human error, which in turn reduces the cost of error recovery and increases the overall quality of your product.
Whether you need a single-station work cell or a complete, integrated multi-function production line, contact us today to learn how WorkingSA can provide you with a competitive advantage that will help you acquire new clients and keep your existing customers’ loyalty.

Services and Specialities

WorkingSA works with our Clients from concept to installation, and beyond, to ensure innovative, cost-effective automation solutions to meet your needs. We have extensive experience in engineering automated solutions, so we can work with you to design, develop and build a solution that not only meets your current specifications but is also flexible enough to expand to meet growth / expansion requirements in the future. WorkingSA build automation solutions of varying size and complexity. We work with our Clients of all sizes, in all industries, in any region in Africa, and for any type of application.   We can build: Single unit work cell equipment Fully integrated production systems And everything in between Our services are vertically integrated from concept to production to ensure your equipment matches your specification and is delivered on-time and on-budget. WorkingSA is a best practice focused business and can adapt and manage our way-of-work to include OEM prescribed best practice through the complete lifecycle of products. We are currently utilising an in-house developed ITIL-based lifecycle approach to design, implement and maintain Industrial Networks. This Lifecycle consists of Infrastructure Auditing, Solutions Architecture, Procurement, Deployment, Maintenance and Training. Our ability in applying best practice is evident through the fact that we have conducted audits and successfully resolved Network design- and operational issues at numerous clients. Detail of these audits are available upon request, but a summary of some of our clients and the adopted framework criteria is tabled below. Our services include: Vision assessment Design Engineering Manufacturing Programming Installation Support Regardless of your requirements, WorkingSA can build either a single unit or system that will meet your requirements and help you automate your production or manufacturing processes.   The following list includes examples of some products and devices we commonly utilize: PLC I/O Systems Control Systems Programming Devices Hirschmann Siemens Moxa Korenix Lantech Environmental monitoring devices certified by the DMR At WorkingSA, you will work with a dedicated project manager throughout your project to ensure that you have a single point of contact that is intimately familiar with the details and status of your project and environment.