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WorkingSA is a leading ICT Services and Solutions partner and is focus on enabling our Clients to pursue Business Growth through Innovation and Advanced Technologies. We strives to reach this goal by Enhancing Processes and Systems with Passion and Expertise, Empowering our Clients to make meaningful Management Decisions to operate their Businesses Effectively. The company's all-encompassing service offering includes:

Managed Networking

With the ever changing world of Global Networks, and the adaptation of Technologies such as mobility, a single provider cannot provide the services required to maintain our Clients Business Effectivity. Based on the above mentioned fact, WorkingSA has designed it’s outsource services for Networking and Communication, Carrier Independent. Our focus has shifted to integrate Best-of-Breed Suppliers and Service Providers to deliver Network Services that is Flexible and Effective and, which will satisfy our Client’s requirements.
Hybrid Wide-Area Network (WAN) – We leverage multiple types of cost-effective and best-of-breed WAN Suppliers and Connectivity Technologies, which in turn eliminates the operational burden on our Clients. Data Centre Networking – By modernising our Client’s Data Centre Networks through new technologies and automated operations, we can enhance infrastructure consumption and reduce operational and capital expenditure. Network Performance Optimisation – We not only provide our Clients the visibility they require, but also the assistance they require to accelerate their network’s ability and agility to deliver true business value. Software-Defined Networking – We explore the possibilities of more intelligent, programmable, and automated networking within your business and plan a route for future development.
Managed Voice Adoption rates of managed VoIP are increasing as more companies look to reduce the costs and complexities of deploying VoIP in house. Enterprises are factoring revenue growth, enhanced productivity and communication services into Return on Investment calculations to make a business case for managed VoIP.
Voice infrastructure – We provide a range of unassuming services such as moves, additions and changes up to fully outsourced management of the entire life-cycle of the on-premise and centralized VoIP service. Voice infrastructure includes the support and management of TDM and IPT infrastructure. Video Conferencing We provide services on physical and software videoconferencing installation which includes any infrastructure and network connectivity required to deliver conferencing services.
Security Encompasses the Dynamic and hard Perimeter Infrastructure. It includes Vulnerability Management, Risk Management, Threat Intelligence, managed Security Information and Event Management, Operations Management, Compliance Management and Performance Management.
Monitoring and Performance Management We assist in the Monitoring and Managing of the end-to-end network Performance and Experience. The Monitoring and Control of our Client’s Network and Systems Infrastructure is Imperative for Establishing and maintaining critical System Health. AS part of our Outsource Services, WorkingSA Monitors and Controls all Server Hardware Systems, Operating Systems, Application Services, Databases, Network Devices, operating in the ICT Environment.
Service Aggregation WorkingSA provides our Clients with a Managed Aggregation Service, through Vendor Relationship and Service Framework Management. We become the pivot point of all communication for Client Service Issues and 3rd Party Service Providers. We manage your 3rd Party Service Providers and contracts including Benchmarking, Procurement, Service Management and Reporting.
Service Desk The Service Desk offers an “Always-Available” Managed Services Solution, providing our Clients the ability to report any ICT related Incident / Problems and provide solutions to known, reoccurring and ongoing issues.
Managed Systems WorkingSA manages all the disciplines associated with Systems Management and supports the world's leading vendors' Hardware and Operating Systems. Our team manages Complex Server Infrastructures, Databases, Applications and Network Configurations on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis. The function is supported by our Service Desk and Monitoring Services.
Wintel, Messaging, File, Print and Storage Services  Private or Public Cloud-Based Services, including all aspects of Service Management. Identify Management Services - The Management of User Provisioning, Authentication, Authorisation, Information and Permissions. SQL Database Services - The Management of our Clients complete SQL Database Environment. Data Centre Services – We assist with all aspects of on-premise Data Centre Facilities Management this includes the supply and provisioning of hosting services.